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Issue 1 Questions
  • Bringing in new clients
  • Water features in the bedroom
  • Flying Star sitting/facing directions
  • Differing Auspicious/Inauspicious Directions
  • Money luck and health
  • Office Help - Difficult Colleagues
  • Quit job and uncertain future
  • Worried for daughter's driving safety

    Dear Uncle Fu,
    I work in the sales line and want to enhance my chances of bringing in new clients. I was wondering if there is anything i can place on my work desk that will accomplish this? Thanks so much in advance!

    ~ Walter

    Dear Walter,
    There are many ways to accomplish this. You can try placing Feng Shui Imperial Wealth Coins (88 is a great number to try out) small holder and activate/energize them with a red object, like a red thread. Put them near your phone, sales pipeline reports, and other important files. You can also use Lucky Wealth Coins which comes in a small and convenient package.

    Dear Uncle Fu,
    I read in a book that water features in the north area will increase my wealth and general abundance. My master bedroom is in the north sector and a friend of mine told me that i should not have water features there. Who's right? And why?

    ~ Sally

    Dear Sally,
    Water features in general are great for enhancing wealth, however your bedroom is a place for peace, rest and recuperation. The water features produces vibrant chi in the area, and thus will interfere with your sleep. Imagine you are trying to sleep peacefully but there are loud strong winds blowing in a chaotic way all the time. You wouldn't be at ease, would you? So for the case of your bedroom, do not have water features.

    Dear Uncle Fu,
    I'm new to Flying Star Feng Shui and was wondering if you could tell me how to determine the sitting and facing direction of my house? Thank you!!

    ~ Barbara

    Dear Barbara,
    The sitting direction will always be the opposite of the facing direction of your house. To get your facing direction, use a compass to see where your entrance faces (standing inside your house). So for example, if your main entrance faces North, then your sitting direction would be South.

    Dear Uncle Fu,
    Your website is so amazing and userfriendly! I used your website's Kua Number Calculator for me (my kua is 3) as well as my husband's (his kua is 7), but found out that my good directions are his bad directions and vice versa. Our main entrance is in the South (my Sheng Chi succss direction and his Five Ghosts direction), how do i enhance this area without stimulating his inauspicious energies? Help! Many thanks, Yen Ling

    Dear Yen Ling,
    In cases where your directions contradict each other, it's best to go for something more protective but will play a secondary enhancement role. Lord Chung Kwei, Guardian of Harmony will serve as a wealth enhancer for you, while serving as a protector for your husband. At the same time, this remedy will also settle your disputes in a faster and simpler way.

    Dear Uncle Fu,
    My Kua is 8 and my house's main entrance is NE. I placed my money frog facing South where my door to my room is.I have a water fountain on the South side facing South in my living room. Will these help me with my money luck? My bedroom is on the SE side off my house, is that why I am always sick? Thanks in advance for your help. Lia.

    Dear Lia,
    You may want to place a brass wu lou in the East corner of your bedroom and another in the East sector of your home for this year. This would help weaken the annual sickness star. Try to sleep with your head pointing to Southwest, as that is your Sheng Chi direction.

    Dear Uncle Fu,
    Hello, This qt. is for my husband, who is facing a lot of problems in his job. He seems under a lot of pressure and is not got a good raise inspite of being harworking and good, and also does not have very co-operative colleagues. All I know is his sitting position in work-place is facing his back to the entrace of cubicle. Please suggest some remedy which can be done at home.Thanks.

    Dear Rashmin,
    You can have him place an 8 Aspiration chi Lin or a pair of Chi Lins watching his back in his cubicle. Also try to have him sleep with his head pointing to his good direction according to his Kua number.

    Dear Uncle Fu,
    Thanks in advance for your wonderful advice to all of us. My husband's GUA # is 2 and mine is 9. He quit his job last year July and is confused about what he wants to do with his future. I think he needs some Feng Shui advice with regard to his future career. He is 60 and way too young to be retired permanently. I would not say that we are financially secure at this time. What can I do to help? Your advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Joanie

    Dear Joannie,
    Try to have your husband sleep with his head pointing to Southwest. A Fuk Luk Sau in the Northeast sector of your home may help enhance his luck.

    Chow An Uncle Fu,
    My daughter Samantha, is 24 and she works in the sales line. Her job requires her to travel (driving from customer to customer) most of the time and though i know she is capable and mature, i still worry about her safety on the road. Is there something that she can hang in her car to help alleviate my fears? - Worried Mother

    Dear Worried Mother,
    The Total Happiness Amulet would be an excellent item to hang in your daughter's car. It has a protective paper talisman and brings forth wealth and luck in a small nice package, very convenient for those who spend a lot of time on the road.

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