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Issue 2 Questions
  • Life never goes smoothly
  • Choosing Correct Artwork
  • Solution for Inauspicious Direction
  • Feng Shui Master Recommend Water in Bedroom?
  • Moved Into New House
  • Money Keeps on Flowing Out
  • Feng Shui and Faith
  • Opening Up a Retail Store

    Dear Uncle Fu,
    Life and work never seem to go smoothly for me, there is always something coming up at the last minute making the process more difficult than necessary. A lot of simple tasks and objectives include more stress than necessary. What can i do to give myself a chance for some inner peace and help myself to make things go more smoothly? Thank you so much, Maria Carro

    Dear Maria,
    Place a figurine of Ji Gong, the Kind Mad Monk preferably in your Development direction using our Kua Number Calculator. Ji Gong is always smiling and thinking of alternative ways to solve your frustrations.

    Greetings From Hawaii!
    I was thinking of sprucing up my living room with some vibrant artwork with hopefully auspicious connotations. But my friend was telling me that she heard about how some paintings are not good for your home or there are certain Feng Shui guidelines. I don't want to purchase something that will bring me bad luck. Is this true about the guidelines?

    ~ Sally

    Yes, there are Feng Shui guidelines regarding artwork wherever you may place them. These rulings are called the San Sui Wah rulings. Though this can be counted as a separate discipline in Feng Shui, here are some guidelines: no imagery on conflict such as war and military vehicles, refrain from having artwork with strong clouds overshadowing, hostile representations are also a big NO. Try to find artwork that is positive/vibrant with free-flowing water and greenery.

    Dear Uncle Fu,
    My wife and i have different kua numbers in which our good and bad directions are totally opposite. Books and other sites have yet to give me a straight answer asides from sleeping in different beds. I'd really appreciate any advice provided. By the way, i LOVE www.smilingbamboo.com! Roger

    Dear Roger,
    In this very common case, pick the best direction and place 3 Amulets for Inauspicious Directions near your bed. This will protect the respective person from the negative energies brought on by the Inauspicious Direction of your Kua

    Dear Uncle Fu,
    I recently had a Feng Shui Consultation done by a Master and he told us to put a water feature in our bedroom to activate our wealth star. I've always read that it is wrong to put in water features in our bedroom, but the Feng Shui Master is insists it is necessary and the only way. So which course of action should i follow? Thank you. -Chew Yu

    Dear Chew,
    In a situation like this, do ask for the logic behind the reasoning of the Feng Shui Master. For this year the North #8 Wealth Star, East #1 White Star and Southwest #9 Purple Star can be considered to be auspicious stars to activate for wealth. Water is not favourable to have in your bedroom as it will disrupt your resting/recuperation period with it's unneeded flowing chi.

    Dear Uncle Fu,
    We've recently moved in to our distant Aunt's house who has passed away. I'm believe there is still quite a bit of negative chi and energies in that home and was wondering what's a good way to disperse this existing chi so that the home will be my family's. Thanks in advance, Amanda

    Dear Amanda,
    The ideal solution is to invest in a Tibetan Space Clearing Bell and use its brilliant and lingering sounds to disperse all the negative and stagnant chi/energies. Do this for each room. As for making your home for your family, a good dose of laughter and family activities will help make sure the home is yours and imbued with your positive vibes.

    Dear Uncle Fu,
    My husband and i are both hold well paying jobs but we never seem to be able to save. Money that comes in quickly flows out all the time. Even when we try to budget ourselves, money somehow still flows out! Is there something we can do to stop this? I look forward to your correspondence. - Alicia S.

    Dear Alicia,
    To safeguard your wealth, you need the Bat Lock Coin to 'lock' up your wealth so that it does not constantly flow out. Place this near your cheque books or near where you hang your clothing. Alternatively, the Pi Yao is known for also known to prevent your wealth from flowing out. Anatomically, the Pi Yao was created with no anus so that it will not be able to let out the wealth that it keeps for you.

    Dear Uncle Fu,
    Lately i've been hearing more and more of Feng Shui and am slowly gaining more information about it. However, my religion does not allow me to put belief in material things or worship false idols. Can Feng Shui and religion coexist together? - Soul Searching

    Dear Soul Searching,
    Feng Shui is actually a science in which its rulings and solutions are derived from calculations and is not a religion or cult. It is a way of life in which you try to attain harmony with your surroundings for personal peace.

    Uncle Fu,
    A good friend of mine will be starting up a small retail store and i would like to know what is a good gift to give? He has a strong interest in Feng Shui and the store deals with electronics. He aleady has the Maneki Cat. Any advice would be kindly appreciated! - Simon R.

    Dear Simon,
    For retail shops, the God of Wealth or the Auspicious Wealth Bowl is the way to go. Cai Shen, the God of Wealth is an extremely popular deity for retailers and should be placed near the entrance of your store and even better if it is near the cash register. I wish your friend the best!

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