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Issue 3 Questions
  • Radio & TV as metal remedies
  • Sleeping on floor is bad?
  • Sharp end of coinsword position
  • Steady flow of wealth help
  • Supernatural vibes
  • Smiling Bamboo office feng shui
  • Heaven Luck, Earth Luck and Human Luck in Feng Shui
  • Lost passion/spark in relationship

    Dear Uncle Fu,
    I read that metal based remedies are recommended to weaken the #5 and #2 stars, so can household items like a tv or fridge (since they are mainly metal) be used as a remedy to weaken these negative stars? Sincerely, Mrs. L

    Dear Mrs. L,
    Excellent out of the box thinking, however appliances like what you listed are not proper remedies and can aggravate the stars (remember, they are always 'moving' and produce soft noise internally).

    Uncle Fu,
    I am renting a room and sleep on the floor with a thin bamboo weave rollup mattress. I heard that it might not be good Feng Shui and should invest in a proper bed. But i still prefer to use the weave mattress if possible. Any remedies? Sincerely, Thongchai

    Dear Thongchai,
    From a Feng Shui perspective, there is nothing wrong to sleep on a bamboo weave, especially if you are more comfortable with it. Still, try to position your sleeping direction in an auspicious direction if you can!

    Dear Uncle Fu,
    I just received my order from www.smilingbamboo.com and love the items! Thank you so much for the additional gifts and they have instantly found a place in my home. One quick question if you have the time, where should my coinsword against shar chi point? As of now, it has the option of pointing inwards into my home, a wall or a window. Which is the best placement for it? Always, Maria

    Dear Maria,
    Wonderful! As for the coinsword, it's always best to have the sharp end point out a window/door if possible. Keep in touch!

    Greetings Uncle Fu,
    Thank you so much for your advice in the past, i hope Ken and you enjoyed the hamper i sent! Things have been going well and i am now starting a new company. I made sure i am facing my best directions in my office. I want to ensure a steady flow of wealth coming to me and my company without loss, what can i place on my desk to help me in this? - Simon Teo

    Dear Simon,
    For a steady flow of wealth coming in while resources are not lost, place Emperor Arowana on your table. Make sure it is swimming in from your Sheng Chi direction. Notice that is is also resting on a bed of wealth, a very auspicious symbol which will make sure you retain the resources you have started with. We wish you the best in your new company!

    Dear Uncle Fu,
    I am a single mother and have recently moved in to a great home, but my daughter sometimes claims that she feels as if she's being watched. At first i dismissed it as her imagination, but as time passes by i feel as if there is something supernatural and making us all in a state of unease. I don't want to say our home is haunted, but there is definitely not right in our place. As of lately, she won't sleep in her room and we sleep in the same bed. Please help!

    Dear Teresa,
    When dealing with spirits or supernatural entities, the best solution would be to have Chung Kwei in your home. Chung Kwei is known as the vanquisher of evil spirits and guardian of harmony. They are even more necessary when you have children in your home. Place this protective deity near the entrances of your bedroom. Chung Kwei's presence is also beneficial for elders as well as children.

    Dear Uncle Fu,
    What Feng Shui items does Smiling Bamboo use for their office? And why? - Parveen Bouhadir

    Dear Parveen,
    I think i better let Ken answer this question: "Wow...where should i start, this answer could be a few pages long. Well, the main items i was adamant on using was the Kuan Kung on Horse of Progress in our main entrance, which would help in wealth/status/protection in the business sense - it has really worked wonders. I also placed Arowanas swimming in from all the main directions to make sure that we have wealth coming in from all directions. I also made sure we had a HUGE wealth bowl filled with Feng Shui goodies. And of course, Na Zhou near our work area because positive results is always a good thing! I could go on and on..."

    Dear Uncle Fu,
    I read in Feng Shui that it can easily change your luck in some aspects and others it is harder to change. I heard from another friend it revolves around our destiny and heavenly luck. Could you explain to me what this is all about? - Desmond Yap

    Dear Desmond,
    In basic Feng Shui terms, your destiny/path in life is moulded by three forces equally: Heavenly Luck, Earthly Luck, and Human Luck. Heavenly Luck is your predestined luck which cannot be changed, this includes factors like your date of birth, family/country you were born to. Earthly Luck is the environment we live in and thus able to change it for the better to shape our luck in life. Human Luck is another aspect in which you can change. This is composed of factors like your compassion, deeds, and attitude in life.

    Uncle Fu,
    My husband and i have been happily married for 12 years and we have always been deeply in love with each other. However, the past few weeks he's been more and more distant. It seems as if our differences are finally getting in the way of my marriage. Though he still loves me, it seems the spark is slowly fading. How can i bring back and maintain the passion we once had?

    Dear Worried Wife,
    The Dragon Phoenix Amulet represents the beautiful union of different entities and helps inspire the harmonious combination between two parties. Give one to your husband and one for yourself to keep. Best wishes and watch out for the sparks!

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