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Issue 4 Questions
  • Bats design in antiques
  • Best way to boost career gua
  • Accurate compass reading in Feng Shui
  • Feeling lethargic and unmotivated
  • Customized or personalised amulets
  • Bedroom is above kitchen and below bathroom
  • Types of chi in Feng Shui and how to use them
  • Some say Northwest is good, some say it is a bad sector

    Walking through an chinese antique store, i noticed that many of the designs incorporated bats. The carvings were beautiful and i was told by the store owner it was part of chinese culture as well as good Feng Shui. Can you tell me why they are really good for Feng Shui and why? ~ Karen V.

    Dear Karen,
    In Chinese culture and Feng Shui, bats are auspicious animals and represent longevity and happiness.

    The chinese word for 'bat' is 'pin fuk' which sounds very similar to happiness and prosperity. The longevity qualities of it came from the fact that most bats lead a somewhat peaceful life with little troubles. And as the saying goes: the less stress and problems that come our way; the longer we live with happiness.

    Hi Uncle Fu,
    In Feng Shui, what is the best way to boost your career 'gua', especially when looking for a job?

    While there is no exact direction for career when using your kua number in Feng Shui, many will use their Sheng Chi (aka success direction) for it. Keep in mind that your kua number will differ, depending on your date of birth. In asia, those who are eagerly seeking a new job will use will use: jade eggs to usher in new/auspicious beginnings or ji gong for that extra added luck.

    Hi Master Fu!
    Can you give me some quick advice on how to have a more accurate compass reading? I'm quite new to Feng Shui and i have been told to be very precise when measuring directions! ~ Katie

    Dear Katie,
    Please, call me Uncle Fu! Here are some tips i tell those who are just starting out: the compass should be at waist level, take at it the center of the home, do not have any electronics that can interfere with the reading around, take different readings at difference places to confirm your measurements, do it more than once and ask a friend to help out just to be sure!

    Uncle Fu,
    I am always lethargic and feeling unmotivated for some reason. I try to be disciplined, but during the middle of it, i just feel so tired and no long motivated to carry on. Do you have any Feng Shui advice to offer that will get me out of this state?

    Dear Will,
    Looks like the Sickness Star could be taking its toll on you, my dear friend. Place a Bronze Cicada near your bedside table to help invigorate you while increasing your health levels. An Eight Immortals Amulet will also help see things through better for you in your trials and ventures. All the best!

    Dear Uncle Fu,
    Hello! I've met some asians who carry or wear special amulets and talismans catered specifically for them. From what i understand, it gives them luck in their aspirations and protection from their weaknesses. Do you guys offer such services? - Interested

    Dear Interested,
    In short: YES! Take a look at our Customized Amulet Sachet with Mantras in our products section. Should you get one of these, the fine staff at Smiling Bamboo will ask you detailed questions so that it can be customized and personalized specially for you.

    Dear Uncle Fu,
    I live in a three story house and there is kitchen below my bedroom and a bathroom above it. This is bad Feng Shui, right? What can i do for my home in terms of Feng Shui? Many thanks, Ericia

    Dear Ericia,
    You are correct, it is not the best Feng Shui layout. Just try to make sure that your bed is not directly above anything representing the fire element below in the kitche (eg. kitchen stove, oven, etc). And for the bathroom above, avoid being directly under the toilet bowl itself.

    Dear Uncle Fu,
    I heard that Feng Shui uses different types of chi and it can be converted. How many types of chi are there? And how do we use them? Many blessings from the McWilliams family!

    To the McWilliams,
    Thank you for the well wishes! There are three types of chi: Shar Chi (harmful), Sheng Chi (auspicious), and Si Chi (stagnant). To identify them and see what you can do with them, please take a look at our article: Feng Shui and Chi. Enjoy!

    Hi Uncle Fu,
    Some sites say that Northwest is a good sector for me, while some say it's a bad sector. I am a bit confused as to what is going on? Can you help me to understand if it's really good or bad? - Confused

    Dear Confused,
    Your Kua Number is 7, meaning Northwest is a favorable sector for you as it is your Success Direction (the most auspicious). Eventhough it is a good sector for you, there are complications: the Grand Duke Jupiter comes in from the same direction this year of 2007 and the Argument Star is also in this sector. The best way to enhance this sector without triggering/offending the unfavorable ones is to place two Pi Yaos in this sector.

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