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Feng Shui for Moving into a New Home or Place

Moving into a new place and wanting to make sure you that it has good Feng Shui? Wanting to clear the space and the possibly negative chi of the previous owner? Even if the home is brand new, there is still a need to use Feng Shui to ensure that your stay is a harmonious and auspicious tenure. Just as the start of a new venture or beginning is important, an auspicious start when moving is of no exception.

I've received numerous inquiries from friends and customers, worried about how there can be bad energy from the previous owners and that it can still linger on. This concern is justified. Whenever someone stays at a certain place for a considerable amount of time, the chi and feelings of the area will adopt the personality of the tenant. There is a fair amount of us who may not always know the full story of the place or land itself; some agents may not find it necessary to tell you the full story of its past, especially if it is not favorable. Do we even want to know what has happened at times?

The Preparation
Before you start this Feng Shui process, your place should have already been cleaned up thoroughly. And when you start clearing the remaining chi in your home to make way for your own, try to make it in the morning or while there is still strong sunlight.

Space Clearing Remaining Chi & Energies
First things first, you want to remove the remnant chi and energies of the past so it does not affect you in a negative way. There are two types of chi you want to clear out: shar chi (bad) and si chi (dying or stagnant). If the home has been vacant for a while, chances are there will be a lot of si chi simply because it has been devoid of life, movement or even fresh air. Shar chi would be from the previous owner or tenant. The bottom line is you want to make the home yours with your own positive energies surrounded by sheng chi (auspicious).

In order to do this, you need to use a Tibetan Space Clearing Bell in which its beautiful and melodic resonance when rung will spread. Make sure to do this for each room of your new place. There is actually no need to walk around in circles or any other odd ritual. You just have to ring the bell a few times around the room, and each time it is rung let it resonate until all sounds have stopped. Many new homeowners in asia will also like to burn some incense during this step. After finishing this process, you have disperse the various types of possibly harmful chi from the past and present!

Making Way for Auspicious Feng Shui Chi
Now, it is time to ensure the new incoming chi is auspicious. Open the windows, turn on the fans, and let the sunlight in. You want fresh air and positivity coming into your home. Be in good spirits, chat with your loved ones or friends who may be helping you out. Additionally, this is also a good time to start placing and using your Feng Shui enhancers or remedies, should you be using any.

Locate the Grand Duke Jupiter and Three Killing Thieves
Both of these entities are time based and will move from year to year. In the case of 2007, the Grand Duke Jupiter (also known as Tai Sui) will come in from the Northwest while the Three Killing Thieves come in from the West. In a nutshell, both of these sectors should not be renovated or bothered frequently (e.g. playing loud music). It is best to use a pair of Pi Yaos with red crystal eyes needed for activation to appease the Tai Sui. Chi Lins for Three Killings should be placed...you guessed it, in the same sector where the Three Killing Thieves come in from.

Handling Possible Supernatural Entities
while Feng Shui does not directly handle such supernatural phenomenons, there are many solutions used for protecting yourself from such entities. All home owners or tenants should always have a small statue of Chung Kwei, Guardian of Harmony who is famed for handling supernatural sources with ill intentions towards you. He is also used to keep the harmony of the home, be it physical or otherwordly sorts.

The Beginning of a New Start
Take a look at a list of recommended feng shui enhancers if you are not sure about the items mentioned in this article. Though you have finished these steps of using Feng Shui in your new place, this is only the beginning! You have accomplished an auspicious start to your new abode, and can now fully start concentrating on using more Feng Shui in your home itself, such as: Flying Stars, 8 Mansions, etc. If you would like to read up on the next steps, don't forget to drop by our Feng Shui Articles section.

About the Author:
Smiling Bamboo (www.smilingbamboo.com) strives to preserve the true traditions of Feng Shui amidst all the marketing hype of today. Its founders have spent most of their lives surrounded by Feng Shui and lived in both Eastern/Western cultures: providing them with an understanding of bridging the gap of both worlds with this beautiful science. Its customers include the United Nations, government officials and most importantly: the family.

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