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Finding a Proper Feng Shui Consultant

There have been a lot of questions lately on how to find or identify a good Feng Shui Master. For each able and competent Feng Shui Master, there are many more who claim to be "consultants" and "masters" in this field. You'd be surprised as to how many of them just picked up a book and decided to be come a Grand Master, or worse, some have only attended a one day course/workshop before becoming an "expert" in this field. Certifications really don't matter as a wealth of institutions and courses are readily available but usually cover the thinnest of surfaces for Feng Shui.

Before picking a Feng Shui consultant, it's best to decide what type of consultation you want in your home. You can decide to pick from any of these two categories: New Age Feng Shui and Classical Feng Shui. New Age Feng Shui can involve schools like Intuitive Feng Shui or Black Hat Sect, but don't really tie in to the more authentic schools. Classical Feng Shui would involve Flying Stars, Landscape, Dragon Breath, etc. The following information below are for those who prefer to have a Classical Feng Shui consulation done to their home. Here are some pointers below to help you identify whether or not this potential Classical Feng Shui constulant really is one.

Five Elements (Wu Xing) Cycle
The five elements are the basis of many chinese sciences, which can range from acupuncture, massaging, and Feng Shui is no exception. Ask them to explain to you how the Five Elements work together (and against each other). Many rulings and remedies come from this age old cycle. Knowledge of this is necessary and it is a very basic requirement. Directions Count Another aspect to ask this possible candidate is to what extent do directions play when observing your house. Are all houses and people the same? Each house and person is different. Sitting and facing directions count and will differ from house to house. The members living in the house have their own Kua numbers which will dictate their unique Auspicious/Inauspicious directions separately. Directions can be good/bad or sometimes both.

Knowledge on Remedies
What is the use identifying what is wrong and not knowing properly on how to remedy the situation? Or worse, what is the use if you aggravate the currently bad Feng Shui situation. Knowledge is key in rectifying. Placing a windchime helps stimulate the chi in a given area. But windchimes will also unknowingly enhance the negative Chi in that area. Know what is afflicting you, and know how to fix this problem.

Schools of Feng Shui
The more experienced and knowledged in other schools the better. For example, doing a home consultation will incorporate various schools of Feng Shui. Inside the home, they would be using Flying Stars and Eight Mansions Feng Shui. Outside they would be using Landscape Feng Shui. Inside each room and remedying they would use the rulings in Dragon Breath Harmony. Though it's virtually impossible for a constulant to know every single school, he/she should at least be specialized in a few schools to incorporate the various factors before making a decision.

Under traditional rulings, a disciple undergoing training from a Feng Shui Master can involve many years, and in some cases, the disciple's whole life until the Feng Shui Master has decided to retire. Just as in hiring a person for any job, experience counts. There are things that no book or amount of listening can teach. Ask about their experience and for any references. Better yet, tell them you want to hear of how they faced a complex problem and used the rulings and their own logic to overcome the Feng Shui 'obstacle'.

Explanations and Logic
For each decision given, there will ALWAYS be logic behind it. For example, ask WHY is this my wealth direction? WHY is this giving me bad Feng Shui? There is no such thing as "it's a secret" or "you wouldn't understand". You are paying good money and you are entitled to know why a certain action/remedy/advice is given to you. Feng Shui is a science and its benefits are meant to be shared. A friend of mine put it best "If the consultant doesn't want to tell you the 'why', it's probably because he/she's scared that once you know, you're on the same experience/knowledge level". You could speak to an authentic Feng Shui Master for the whole day, and though you know much more, you've touched just the tip of the iceberg.

Of course, this is not the "be all, end all" in finding a proper consultant, but it's a good start. And always remember to ask. The more you ask, the more you know. Personally, i enjoy it when my clients want to know why a certain decision is made. You'll never know, you might inspire a Feng Shui Master to see a problem in a slightly different and innovative way. Just remember to be polite, and he/she shall be more than happy to answer.

About the Author:
Smiling Bamboo (www.smilingbamboo.com) strives to preserve the true traditions of Feng Shui amidst all the marketing hype of today. Its founders have spent most of their lives surrounded by Feng Shui and lived in both Eastern/Western cultures: providing them with an understanding of bridging the gap of both worlds with this beautiful science. Its customers include the United Nations, government officials and most importantly: the family.

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