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Wealth Vase: Create One the Traditional Feng Shui Way

Simply put, the wealth vase is considered to be a very potent wealth enhancer for your family. It was a luxury available only for the wealthy in traditional China and you'll be surprised by how many homes there have a wealth vase in a secret corner of their home. Many of these have lasted for many generations (being passed down) and is considered the secret of how many of these wealthy families continue to gain wealth and opportunities.

Choosing a Wealth Vase
Most wealth vases will be of the traditional chinese types, but that does not mean you are limited to it. The majority of the older wealth vases are of chinese designs simply because it was obtained in china and thus had its cultural influences in its art. What's more important is that you choose a strong and sturdy (non-transparent vase). The top part of the vase (also known as the neck) should be smaller than the body and base. This allows you to place layers of cloth over it and tie it firmly with colored ribbons. When looking out for one, find one that you have an affinity with and gives you the feeling that it's classy and very sturdy. But remember, what makes the Wealth Vase so potent is not the vase itself, but the ingredients that go into it.

Dispelling Some Myths of the Wealth Vase
Though there are many recipes out there and there is no reason for an individual to cater the contents to their tastes; many rulings are not entirely necessary or just plain funny. A good example of an unnecessary content to have inside would be a picture of someone wealthy you know. If you were to ask any of the elder generation of chinese about this, their reply would be 'we wanted more wealth, not be stalkers' or 'since when did we have cameras back then?'. Pictures/photos back then were not easily available and thus not used in traditional Wealth Vases.

Another myth would be choosing a vase that is made from a certain type (e.g. metal, wood, etc) depending on where you place it. Your Wealth Vase is meant to harmonize with its surroundings and sway things in your favor, regardless of the make. Additionally, wooden vases may not always withstand the test of time due to humidity or accidents.

Wealth Vase Contents
Before we start about the order of contents going in, there is no specific weight/amount that you have to put inside. Though it is better to try and make everything an approximate equal amount, some ingredients can be a lot more. Common favorites to pile in extra of would be: Feng Shui Wealth Coins, Fortune Flower Coins, and Semi Precious Stones.

The Bottom of the Wealth Vase
At the bottom, you should have soil from your home. This provides a bonding of sorts between the wealth vase and you/your home. Another word for this method is to ensure personalization that it works only for you, your family or future generations. Once this is done, add a layer of uncooked dry rice and dry beans. This is symbolic of abundant food and self sufficiency in your household. In ancient china, wealth was tied very closely to the amount of food you had at your disposal. Elders enjoy explaining this process as it represents your earth always growing and providing food/wealth for you.

The Middle of the Wealth Vase
The most important ingredient here would be Feng Shui Coins. Be generous in the distribution and put in as much as you can. To add extra potency, add in various forms of auspicious coins mentioned earlier (ie Feng Shui Fortune Flower Coins) and Amulets for Inauspicious Directions. This was considered as the best secret ingredient possible in the middle. The flower shaped design signifies growth, happiness and harmony always blossoming. The amulet is primarily used as a remedy against bad sectors, and its inscriptions will be used as a protective barrier for your life and wealth. This results in happiness, material wealth, and harmony all secured for you.

Near the top
After finishing up with the contents in the middle, lay around ingots and wealth bars until it creates a layer by itself. This further adds more stable wealth for you. At this point it is said that you put in some actually money inside, but the secret ingredient here is to use: currencies from a country whose currency is stronger than yours. This will vary from person to person, but think of currencies like the British Pound, US Dollar, notes from Dubai, etc. Then comes a Ru Yi Scepter for control and dominance in what you do, meaning you will never lose grip of your self earned resources. To top it off, you will need a wealth god you have an affinity to.

Wealth Vase Ingredients
Wealth God, Semi Precious Stones, Ingots, Wealth Bars, Feng Shui Wealth Coins, Ru Yi Scepter, Soil From your Home, Rice, Dry beans

Wealth Vase Secret Ingredients
Fortune Flower Coins, Amulet for Inauspicious Directions, Health & Wealth Pendants, strong currency.

Finishing Up
Once everything has been filled up to the brim, put the lid on. Place a white cloth over the lid and neck of the vase so that it can be tied up with string/rope that represents the five elements (red, blue, brown, yellow and green). And there you have it. Your own wealth vase! It should be pretty heavy at this point in time, but try to lift it up and give it a good and graceful shake to help the contents settle comfortably. The final part is to find a place to hide it in such as a cupboard where it will not be bothered or opened frequently. On a final note, if you are making one, do let us know with your order and we shall make sure to include extra secret ingredients not mentioned here specially for you!

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