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Feng Shui Flying Star 2015: #9 Purple Star

You should be using Wood Element based items in this sector help fuel the Fire Element brought about by the #9 Purple Star. Since this star helps multiplies or magnifies what occurs here, you can also choose to make this as another Wealth Star especially if it is one of your Auspicious Directions under your Kua Number.

Information on this Feng Shui Flying Star
The #9 Purple star is considered to be a very auspicious star to have. It focuses on obtaining wealth through investment (be it time or effort), windfall and promotions. This star is very popular for those who want to make use of Flying Star Feng Shui to suit their needs and aspirations. Keep in mind, it magnifies what you accomplish through your enhancements or protective remedies. Since the the #9 Purple Star pretty much allows you to customize what additional star you wish to have, use it as a way to duplicate a favorable star.

Enhancing the #9 Purple Star
A favorite enhancer for those who want to magnify their wealth (and chances of it) would place the Nine Frogs of Wealth, allowing wealth to come in from all directions. If you wish to have a more harmonious year, especially if your predictions are not favorable then use the Tibetan Harmony Mandala to further iron out the bumpy patches that this year would bring you. Personally, we always put in as many Auspicious Jade Eggs as we can in this sector to ensure that everything will always be transformed to opportunities!


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