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Free Feng Shui Resources

As a token of our thanks to all our Feng Shui faithful friends, we decided to create this section for you. What is in this section? Well, there is a lot of miscellaneous stuff here we thought you might like or find useful. From feng shui themed wallpapers to easily printable diagrams when doing your own home consultations!

Feng Shui Wallpapers
You are obviously using your computer to surf our Feng Shui site, so why not personalize it to your taste? Check out our latest wallpapers, this series is called the Five Elements in Feng Shui series:

Feng Shui Consultation Documents
When we do our Feng Shui consultations, we try to make sure everything is documented for easy reference: simple house diagrams, Flying Star charts for the year, etc. The templates are printable and you can now note down your observations while doing your own Feng Shui consultation! The latest documents for download:

Feng Shui Item: Five Element Pagoda
Five Element Pagoda

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