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Feng Shui Documents

Sometimes all we need is just a slight nudge or example to see how where we should start with our own home feng shui consultation. Use these easily printed out documents to get a clear vision on where you should start. Remember, noting down your thoughts will be useful as you progress on!

House Shape Diagrams
  • Square Shaped Home
  • Rectangle Shaped Home
  • Missing Sector Shaped Home
  • Missing Corner Shaped Home
  • Letter L Shaped Home

    Kua Number Diagrams
  • Kua Number 1 Diagram
  • Kua Number 2 Diagram
  • Kua Number 3 Diagram
  • Kua Number 4 Diagram
  • Kua Number 5 Diagram (male)
  • Kua Number 5 Diagram (female)
  • Kua Number 6 Diagram
  • Kua Number 7 Diagram
  • Kua Number 8 Diagram
  • Kua Number 9 Diagram

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    Five Element Pagoda

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