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Feng Shui Kua Number 4

Your Kua Number is 4. The Auspicious Directions box starts off with your best direction (Success). The Inauspicious Directions box ends with your worst direction (Total Loss).

Auspicious Directions
 Sheng Chi = Success : North 
 Tien Yee = Health : South 
 Nien Yen = Romance : East 
 Foo Wei = Development : Southeast 

Inauspicious Directions
 Hou Hai = Mishaps : Northwest 
 Wu Gwei = Five Ghosts : Southwest 
 Liu Shar = Six Killings : West 
 Chueh Meng = Total Loss : Northeast 

Below are some suggestions commonly recommended for enhancement/ protection regarding your Auspicious/ Inauspicious Directions. If there is a number beside the item name, it denotes the quantity recommended.

Success Health
Feng Shui Item: Na Zhou, Leader of Immortals
Na Zhou, Leader of Immortals
Feng Shui Item: Wu Lou of Life & Health
Wu Lou of Life & Health

Six Killings Total Loss
Feng Shui Item: Heavenly Guardian
Heavenly Guardian
Feng Shui Item: Battle Ready Kuan Kung
Battle Ready Kuan Kung

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