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Home Is Where Your Heart Is

A home is where you yearn to return at the end of a hard day's work. It is where your soul feels at peace and your heart is content. It is where you love, where you rage, where you hide your secrets and showcase your triumphs. A home is where your friends come to stay a while and tarry over laughter and food, where family brings its neurotic fulfillment to roost. A home is all the places you want to go. A home is quite simply, a manifestation of your soul.

Efforts.Thus we try to put all our effort to make this particular place a more beautiful one. Here are some simple but effective tips to make your home a dream home. Some experts share with us their ideas about what kinds of furniture are in use these days. Devendra Man Singh, director of Rich Interiors, New Plaza, Putali Sadak said that people nowadays have become more conscious of the style they want. Wooden and metal furniture are in demand these days. Mostly modern furniture is liked by the young people and ethnic types are preferred by the older ones. Wooden bed sets and sofa sets come in different designs and fabrics where you can choose from and the prices range from Rs.30,000 to Rs. 1, 30,000. So you have a wide range of choice.

In Ralph Waldo Emerson?s words ?In the right light, at the right time everything is extra ordinary. Our options for choosing lights are as varied as the colors and textures of a wall, carpet or cushion for a room. Most people do not realize the impact of well planned lighting at home. Putting a light fixture on every wall of every room will create a well ?lit room. Colour is one important factor that influences the choice of our home lighting. Even though tube lights are far more efficient and long lasting than regular incandescent bulbs, designers avoid using them because of their white colour. The mild yellow colour is the nearest to natural light. It helps set the right tone and ambience with its warm gentle glow. White light can be used in kitchen and toilet where bright light is needed but should be avoided over the kitchen burner and the dressing table mirror.

Candles are growing as a popular item in home decoration. You can hang them, float them, smell them, burn them or just treasure them as beautiful keepsakes. You can set them in candle stands, salad bowls, vases and aroma diffusers. Home Maker in Maitighar is one such place where you can find beautiful candles. The prices of these candles begin at Rs.50 and can go up to Rs.5,000.

No matter whether we live in a concrete maze away from greenery or in a rural setting, a house with a ?garden?s gift? can be intoxicating with the beauty of flowers. Even the smallest garden can be a healing place. Plants help us to connect us to the earth, the universe, and ourselves. We can place a bonsai by the window, or arrange fresh flowers on the table? It doesn't take much.

We do not usually take time for designing our dining space. But we can follow few simple rules for both aesthetic appeal and functionality. If you have a small dining area, the minimum furniture should be the dining table, chairs and shelves. You can opt for a round table, which requires less space than a square table. Therefore, the smaller the room, the simpler should be the type of furniture used. Again, the darker the colour, the smaller the room appears. However in most Nepali homes, a darker furniture fabric is chosen so that it does not get dirty too soon. Polished table and waxed wood tables look beautiful and they are easy to clean.

Kiran, a sales boy in Home Maker, a furniture boutique in Maitighar, believes that his working table facing towards south is good because he believes it will bring good luck according to Vaastu Shastra. Thus we can see the increasing use of Vaastu Shastra and feng shui (Chinese therapy) techniques. Here are some simple wealth enhancing feng shui techniques. Since, according to feng shui the main door is the mouth through which auspicious ?chi? enters and circulates around the house, one can have a brass knocker and a metal nameplate with the breadwinner?s name boldly written on it. Plants could be displaced on either side of the entrance using metal planters. Some salt in small metal bowls could be placed on either side of the entrance. A blue doormat could be placed which would introduce the water element.

For your bedroom the colours, blue, green and some shades of brown could be used. Art can instantly warm up a space and make the walls more homely. ?Art? must compliment the furniture and colour of the room. So we can use vibrant colours which bring excitement to a room while neutral colours are calming. As for the size, bigger the artwork, the better it is as it makes a statement and draws attention. One can relate to the wall size and can choose smaller pictures for a narrow wall and larger pictures for bigger wall spaces.

Statement. In these modern times, people want to decorate their interiors and make it beautiful. The choice of colours for the room to the carpets, everything will make a statement. Thus, in this busy and fast world, people want to be at ease, to relax and to enjoy themselves. ?Home is where your heart is?. Therefore, everyone should put their little effort to make it a better place for themselves and for their loved ones with these small tips.

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