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"Action may not always bring happiness; but there is no happiness without action."

Persevere and keep your goal in mind. Success is just around the corner. Show leadership and courage. Make wise choices and not easy ones.
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27th February 2007
10th February 2007

Feng Shui Item: YinYang Tortoise of Wealth & Harmony
YinYang Tortoise of Wealth & Harmony
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Correcting Wrong Feng Shui Advice
Feng Shui is an amazing science and the number of masters, disciples, practitioners are growing at an amazing rate. As it gets more commercialized, many of us encounter a lot of conflicting advice and the correct usage of items gets lost through marketing hype. We start seeing items being described as being able to increase wealth, health, prosperity, fame, and solving world hunger at the same time. There is NO item or remedy that will do this. L...Correcting Wrong Feng Shui Advice in Full
  Kuan Kung: Poisoned Arm
During a siege on Fancheng (present day Hubei, China), Kuan Kung had been struck in the right arm by a bolt fired by crossbowers from the city walls. The arrow was promptly removed but poison smeared on the arrowhead had already seeped deep to the bone. As he was unwilling to abandon the offensive campaign, his subjects had to send for physicians to the camp to treat the poisoned arm. One day, the famed physician Hua Tuo came by a boat from the e...Kuan Kung in Full

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