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Tibet Darajah ~ Rewards & Opportunity
Tibet Darajah ~ Rewards & Opportunity The auspicious 8 Headed Darajuh is a spiritual weapon used by monks to protect themselves from negative entities and evil spirits....

All Protectors ~ Protection
All Protectors ~ Protection
This unique item incorporates almost all the protective deities and entities into one item to provide one of the highest levels of...

Business Set
Business Set The Feng Shui Gift Set incorporates all the necessary elements used by businessmen to speed up their way to success. Kuan Kung, G...

Battle Ready Kuan Kung
Battle Ready Kuan Kung
His presence brings forth status, fortune, confidence and most importantly, protection. Law Enforcement and Triad members both loo...

Tibetan Space Clearing Cleansing Bell
Tibetan Space Clearing Cleansing Bell This item is used for dispersing negative chi with its harmonizing bell sounds when used. Great to use often within your home or w...

Cicada on Horse
Cicada on Horse
This item is ideal for those who want an upward increase in their career and staying power in terms of health and business. The ci...

Personalized Feng Shui Report ~ 2006
Personalized Feng Shui Report ~ 2006 You will be given a detailed Feng Shui consultation report about you (or whoever you wish to have one) from venerable Feng Shui Ma...

Gift Monkey on Horse
Gift Monkey on Horse
Those needing an increase upwards in status or career would do well to have this figurine in their workplace or home. In classic c...

Ru Yi Scepter with Fortune Bats
Ru Yi Scepter with Fortune Bats The Fortune Bats represent blessings of prosperity, happiness and longevity. The Ru Yi Sceptre enhances authority, visitation of l...

Two Gold Ribbon Wealth Coins
Two Gold Ribbon Wealth Coins
One of the best wealth attractors is the combination of three Chinese coins tied together with gold ribbon. They symbolize an inex...

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