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Feng Shui for Beginners

Feng Shui (pronounced 'foung shway') is an ancient Chinese art of understanding the relationship between one's surroundings and how it affects personal health, wealth, and harmony. The physical placement and location of your dwellings, interior layout and landscape combined with the flow of chi can be harnessed to one's personal gain. Many might mistakenly categorize Feng Shui as geomancy, but upon closer inspection: one would realize they are two separate entities and are very loosely related. There are many different schools of Feng Shui whose respective focus and need for it will differ depending on the situation and one's aims. Grasping the basics of Feng Shui is very easy, but to fully master it would take a lifetime.

Feng Shui Item Basic Essentials
Though different solutions and remedies are needed depending on the situation, there are some Feng Shui items that you would need for each year. Most of these are remedies for afflictions that occur for each and every single home/office/location. Simply put, the Chi Lins are necessary for the annual affliction of the Three Killing Thieves from the North this year. A pair of Pi Yaos are needed to appease the Grand Duke Jupiter which resides in the Northwest this year of the Fire Dog 2006. The Five Element Pagoda is to absorb negative chi, work as a metal cure for negative stars, and maintain the harmony of the five elements.

Feng Shui Enhancements
Part of the beauty of Feng Shui is its allowance of you to freely pursue your objectives through various means, and creativity is usually rewarded. For those who wish to attain more wealth, the Emperor Arowana is the perfect solution of achieving a freeflow of wealth. The All Protectors is meant for protection against various forms of harm, loss, and tragedy against you. The Battle Ready Kuan Kung is primarily used for protection, but is also an extremely potent wealth enhancer.
Feng Shui Essentials to Read
Chi and Feng Shui
Chi, also commonly spelled ch'i, chi or qi, is a fundamental concept of everyday Chinese culture, most often defined as "air" or "breath" (for example, a term meaning "weather" is tian qi, or the "breath of heaven") and, by extension, "life force" or "spiritual energy" that is part of everything...Read Chi and Feng Shui in Full

Five Elements Wu Xing in Feng Shui
In traditional Chinese philosophy, forms of natural phenomena can be classified into the Five Elements: wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. These elements were used for describing interactions and relationships between phenomena. Five phases is another way of translating the wu xing cycles...Read Five Elements of Feng Shui in Full

Compositional Schools of Feng Shui
Feng Shui itself is often viewed as one single entity. To many it might seem overwhelming to understand all the rules and calculations at once. The truth is, there are many "schools" that compose what Feng Shui really is. Chances are, you've heard terms like "Flying Star" or "8 Mansions", but may ...Read Compositional Schools of Feng Shui in Full

Feng Shui Knowledge
Once the basics of Feng Shui are understood, you can delve into different traditional schools of Feng Shui and see how the complexities can beautifully be integrated with each other into perfect harmony. Do check out our other sections which will show you the additional aspects/disciplines of Feng Shui that you can incorporate into your life or use as knowledge when implementing remedies and enhancers. In addition to the links to our different sections below, try out: Learn Feng Shui and Feng Shui Resource

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