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Learn Feng Shui

Feng Shui is the art of achieving harmony and balance with one's surroundings. Based upon the philosophy of chi and natural energy, one can manipulate this science for personal aspirations such as: wealth, progress, career, romance, etc.

What are the basic principles Feng Shui?
Though Feng Shui itself is comprised of different disciplines (Eight Mansions, Flying Stars, Dragon Breath, etc.), they all revolve around calculations, logical rulings and the Five Element Cycles. It is a science that can be used regardless of religion, race or creed.

Chi and Feng Shui
Chi, also commonly spelled ch'i, chi or qi, is a fundamental concept of everyday Chinese culture, most often defined as "air" or "breath" (for example, a term meaning "weather" is tian qi, or the "breath of heaven") and, by extension, "life force" or "spiritual energy" that is part of everything...Read Entire Feng Shui Section

Feng Shui for Beginners
Feng Shui (pronounced 'foung shway') is an ancient Chinese art of understanding the relationship between one's surroundings and how it affects personal health, wealth, and harmony. The physical placement and location of your dwellings, interior layout and landscape combined ...Read Entire Feng Shui Section

Feng Shui Legends
Feng Shui Legends aims to provide you information on the stories and myth surrounding some of the most famous Feng Shui remedies existing. From the famed Kuan Kung the God of War to the lesser known Chung Kwei the Guardian of Harmony, learn about their impact in history which has led to today's...Read Entire Feng Shui Section

Origin of Feng Shui Items
Feng Shui provides an amazing array of remedies and enhancers for the practioner to adapt to a given situation in which solutions are only limited by one's mind. Though some Feng Shui items are more popular than others, many of these remedies/enhancers became a Feng Shui solution because of their...Read Entire Feng Shui Section

Five Elements Wu Xing in Feng Shui
In traditional Chinese philosophy, forms of natural phenomena can be classified into the Five Elements: wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. These elements were used for describing interactions and relationships between phenomena. Five phases is another way of translating the wu xing cycles...Read Entire Feng Shui Section

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