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What is Shar Chi?

Shar Chi is what you can classify as harmful/killing energy. Shar Chi is primarily the result of negative surroundings and layouts. However, ill meaning entities such as competitors and unscrupulous people can also create additional shar chi in your surroundings. Because chi itself can be transformed to another state, sheng chi (positive chi) can easily be transformed into shar chi if it is allowed to travel too fast in a straight line (imagine a long highway facing your main entrance in a t-junction). Below is a list of common causes but are not limited to:

Shar Chi Sources:
  • Poison Arrows from sharp objects
  • Home near a cemetery
  • Chi moving at too fast a speed
  • Overly competitive acquaintances
  • Oppressive higher level (e.g. low ceiling)
  • Abandoned/ruined objects

  • Shar chi can be easily transformed back into sheng chi by making sure there is either a filter or something that will convert the existing chi. Long hallways can easily generate shar chi due to its straight path, try putting bright lights or laying out harmonious objects such as plants or Feng Shui items to let the chi moving in a more winding and gentle fashion. Should an entrance face an inauspicious entity resulting in shar chi entering, make sure the entry point is remedied.

    Shar Chi Remedies
    Feng Shui Item: Kuan Kung on Horse of Progress
    Kuan Kung on Horse of Progress
    Feng Shui Item: Five Element Pagoda
    Five Element Pagoda
    Feng Shui Item: Tibetan Space Clearing Bell
    Tibetan Space Clearing Bell

    Every home should have a Five Element Pagoda! It is one way to make sure the many various forms of shar chi and si chi are soaked up. Use either in the center or near a source of negative chi. Usually recommended to be placed at the center of your house, ensuring the heart of the home is free of si/shar chi!

    The Tibetan Space Clearing Bell (often seen as a more convenient and easily usable counterpart to the Singing Bowl) is your best friend towards dispersing either accumulated shar chi or existing si chi (both negative forms of chi). It's always good to get rid of negativity in your home/office and make way for sheng chi.

    The Kuan Kung on Horse of Progress generates various forms of sheng chi, disperses shar chi and transforms si chi to a more auspicious form. Especially useful to have near entrances or workplaces making sure you are not affected by this negative chi. Multi purpose item.

    Shar Chi Related Information:
    Chi, also commonly spelled ch'i, chi or qi, is a fundamental concept of everyday Chinese culture, most often defined as "air" or "breath" (for example, a term meaning "weather" is tian qi, or the "breath of heaven") and, by extension, "life force" or "spiritual energy" that is part of everything...Read Entire Feng Shui Section

    What is Sheng Chi?
    Sheng Chi is a positive type of chi, moving gently (as opposed to Shar Chi which is the result of chi moving too fast in a straight line) and is considered uplifting and harmonious. Though physical locations such as houses, offices, and parks can have this auspicious form of chi, it is also possible...Read Entire Feng Shui Section

    What is Si Chi?
    Si Chi is stagnant or dying chi - reducing, lessening, fading and has an overall negative impact. It is considered to be the polar opposite of Sheng Chi, which is considered to be positive chi. Disorderly or decaying places/objects are considered to be strong sources of this negative type of chi...Read Entire Feng Shui Section

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