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What is Sheng Chi?

Sheng Chi is a positive type of chi, moving gently (as opposed to Shar Chi which is the result of chi moving too fast in a straight line) and is considered uplifting and harmonious. Though physical locations such as houses, offices, and parks can have this auspicious form of chi, it is also possible for individuals to create Sheng Chi. Many times, Feng Shui practitioners will term it as Wealth Chi or Auspicious Chi because they are synonymous with the results of Sheng Chi. Below is a list of sources but are not limited to:

Sheng Chi Sources:
  • Sea that is in motion but calm
  • Parks with a pleasant setting
  • Forests rich in life
  • Homes filled with laughter
  • Individuals with optimism
  • Wealth enhancers

  • Sheng Chi itself is the best form of chi to have, but it is a state that should be maintained if possible. Unfortunately, its state can change into Si Chi or Shar Chi if allowed to stagnate or move too fast. To maintain this harmonious state, you would need to slow it down and make sure it is vibrant if possible. For example, a long hallway will allow chi to flow too fast turning it into Shar Chi. Thus, placing auspicious enhancers (be it plants, lights, wealth bowls) would let it slow down and take on more beneficial properties.

    Sheng Chi Enhancers
    Feng Shui Item: Na Zhou, Leader of Immortals
    Na Zhou, Leader of Immortals
    Feng Shui Item: Business Pot / Wealth Vase
    Business Pot / Wealth Vase
    Feng Shui Item: Cute Fu Lu Shou Set
    Cute Fu Lu Shou Set

    The very popular Fu Luk Sau set can be found in almost all homes in China because it maintains harmony, and keeps things lively in a positive way. An excellent source of converting negative incoming chi to sheng chi.

    Na Zhou brings in youthful vibrance which is a strong source of Sheng Chi while his youthful appearance and wise demeanor allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds. Eventhough Na Zhou is not very well known, he is an ideal item to bring in Sheng Chi.

    The Business Pot of Wealth is the business man's wealth vase to be kept outside. Its auspicious qualities of bringing wealth to you is also a form of Sheng Chi. Meant more for business people.

    Sheng Chi Related Information:
    Chi, also commonly spelled ch'i, chi or qi, is a fundamental concept of everyday Chinese culture, most often defined as "air" or "breath" (for example, a term meaning "weather" is tian qi, or the "breath of heaven") and, by extension, "life force" or "spiritual energy" that is part of everything...Read Entire Feng Shui Section

    What is Shar Chi?
    Shar Chi is what you can classify as harmful/killing energy. Shar Chi is primarily the result of negative surroundings and layouts. However, ill meaning entities such as competitors and unscrupulous people can also create additional shar chi in your surroundings. Because chi itself can be transformed...Read Entire Feng Shui Section

    What is Si Chi?
    Si Chi is stagnant or dying chi - reducing, lessening, fading and has an overall negative impact. It is considered to be the polar opposite of Sheng Chi, which is considered to be positive chi. Disorderly or decaying places/objects are considered to be strong sources of this negative type of chi...Read Entire Feng Shui Section

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