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What is Si Chi?

Si Chi is stagnant or dying chi - reducing, lessening, fading and has an overall negative impact. It is considered to be the polar opposite of Sheng Chi, which is considered to be positive chi. Disorderly or decaying places/objects are considered to be strong sources of this negative type of chi. Many will confuse Si Chi and Shar Chi by putting them together. Si Chi is pretty much inactive while Shar Chi has a much more active state. Below is a list of sources but are not limited to:

Si Chi Sources:
  • Decayed areas
  • Hospitals for the sick
  • Exhausted soil/land
  • Abandoned locations
  • Dark and damp rooms
  • Dying vegetation

  • Si Chi is something you want to avoid and the main culprit of this negative chi being created is: letting your home slowly get cluttered and unkept. Interestingly, Si Chi can sometimes produce Sheng Chi, a common example would be dying plants renourishing the soil which will start its cycle again. Depressing sources such as unhappy individuals or sick animals are also strong sources of Si Chi.

    Si Chi Remedies
    Feng Shui Item: Tibetan Space Clearing Cleansing Bell
    Tibetan Space Clearing Cleansing Bell
    Feng Shui Item: Authentic Wealth Bowl
    Authentic Wealth Bowl
    Feng Shui Item: YinYang Dragon Tortoise of Harmony
    YinYang Dragon Tortoise of Harmony

    Space Clearing Bells are primarily meant for dispersing shar chi and shar chi once and for all! Its harmonic and fascinatingly lingering tune will clear the area of chi you don't want, making way for new and fresh chi in your home/office. One way to make sure you get a periodic dose of Sheng Chi coming in to your place.

    The Wealth Bowl can help prevent parts of your home with little activity to escape the build up of Si Chi. Placing it in the offending area and periodically moving around the contents of this bowl will reinvigorate the surrounding chi with more auspicious chi. Another alternative use for the carefully crafted Wealth Bowl (not wealth vase).

    Colorful Dragon Tortoises with the Yin Yang Symbol on its back are good uses to prevent the formation of Si Chi. Its vibrant colors will maintain an air of excitement with the surrounding chi preventing it from dying out.

    Si Chi Related Information:
    Chi, also commonly spelled ch'i, chi or qi, is a fundamental concept of everyday Chinese culture, most often defined as "air" or "breath" (for example, a term meaning "weather" is tian qi, or the "breath of heaven") and, by extension, "life force" or "spiritual energy" that is part of everything...Read Entire Feng Shui Section

    What is Shar Chi?
    Shar Chi is what you can classify as harmful/killing energy. Shar Chi is primarily the result of negative surroundings and layouts. However, ill meaning entities such as competitors and unscrupulous people can also create additional shar chi in your surroundings. Because chi itself can be transformed...Read Entire Feng Shui Section

    What is Sheng Chi?
    Sheng Chi is a positive type of chi, moving gently (as opposed to Shar Chi which is the result of chi moving too fast in a straight line) and is considered uplifting and harmonious. Though physical locations such as houses, offices, and parks can have this auspicious form of chi, it is also possible...Read Entire Feng Shui Section

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