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Your Chinese Zodiac Sign is the trustworthy Dog. Like the animal that represents their sign, Dog personalities are honest, faithful and sincere. They are reliable and unselfish, and they enjoy helping others. They make friends easily, and many of these turn out to be lifelong friendships. Diligent and resourceful, Dog people are steady and devoted workers who quickly become trusted and valued members of any community. In matters of the heart, they need a very understanding partner, as though generous and loyal, they also be moody, anxious and pessimistic at times.

Want to know more about your sign in detail? And how to use your Zodiac Sign with Feng Shui? Optimal usage and placement of items with this knowledge can be obtained. Kua Number, Forecasts, Enhancement solutions and remedies are all provided in our Feng Shui Report. Feng Shui solutions catered specifically for you.
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